Repfluence Favourites box

Ever since I started working with REPS and Influencers on social media, I wanted to create a nice product together with these amazing people. I love working with people from the bookish community a lot because it keeps me connected to the world I love. So, I decided, I wanted to give something back. I gave my repfluencers a chance to design their own product and I would create those products and put them all together in a goodie box. After weeks of preperation, a lot of issues with suppliers and lost parcels, we finally finished the boxes in october and sent them out. In this blog you can see what was in this box, who made it and the story behind it.

If you don’t want to know the contents of this box, do not read further!


Let’s start with these three bookmarks inspired on Crescent City, Chapter 55 (ACOTAR) and Throne of Glass. These bookmarks are all designed by Sharon and printed on recycled paper. Every bookmark is printed double sided and has a different design on the front and back.

Unfortunately a few things went wrong with this box because of bad planning and supplier issues. That’s why I put in my favorite three bookmarks as a little extra for this box. These bookmarks are not box exclusive and if you want you can buy them right here.

[This blog will be updated soon]

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