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Now available: the Igniting Imagination giftcard! Sometimes you just want to surprise someone, so why not get them a gift card so they can chose their own present! It’s really easy to buy, and use! The Igniting Imagination Giftcard will be valid for one year after purchase and you don’t have to use up all the money at once. How great is that?

This giftcard is also an amazing last-minute-stress-free-present. I mean, we all know how stressfull it can be to think of something amazing to give. And then you have to buy it or order it online and you have to wait for it to be delivered and oh god it is just soooo much work. But with this gift card, it’s just one simple ‘click’ and the happy birthday girl, boy, unicorn, easter bunny will receive their gift in no time and you don’t have to stress out about it. So, to quote our demi-God Maui: you’re welcome!

An Igniting Imagination Giftcard is a great gift because:

  • The receiver can chose from over 100 products
  • You can sent a little message with the giftcard
  • The card is valid for one year
  • You do not have to use up all the money all at once. The remaining money will stay on the card!
  • It’s all digital, so it’s an super eco-friendly gift!

Wondering what amazing items you can buy with this giftcard? Go see all our products right here!

Important: you can not return a giftcard!

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All our products are vegan, eco friendly and animal cruelty free!


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