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Sometimes a candle just isn’t good enough to sell for the full retail price. Colours are off, I put in the wrong scent, wrong label, wrong wick placement… Or sometimes a candle just isn’t that popular and I have way too much left over. Those kind of candles will go in the ‘no waste pile’. I don’t like wasting anything, so this includes the candles that aren’t pretty enough for bookstagram, but are just fine to burn and enjoy their scent.

You can chose the size of the candle and if you want it to come with a label or not. But other than that, you will get the no- waste candle at random. Keep in mind that these candles will not be pretty or good, but just do their job as a candle 🙂

Available sizes:

  • Potion Bottle 20ml/0.7oz
  • Potion Bottle 50ml/1.7oz
  • Round Glass 200ml/6.8oz
  • Round Glass 300ml/10oz


All our candles and melts are handmade. Therefore it is possible that some products have a different shade of colour than the photo displayed on the webshop. This is also the same with the scent throw and burning time. We do our absolute best to make every candle and waxmelt in the best possible quality. In addition, we print all the labels ourselves. So there might be a slight difference in quality per candle. Keep in mind that the smaller the candle, the smaller the candle label. With the 20ml candles it is unfortunately difficult to create a label that is readable (for the scents). However, we always make sure that the quality of the image is as good as possible.

The upside of this all is that every candle will always be very unique. If you want more control on how your candle should smell or look, you can take a look at our Create Your Own options. With the Create Your Own options you can chose almost everything yourself, from size to colour and scent, to create your own unique product! Would you like to get this candle but without the scent? You can order every candle we offer without a scent here.

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All our products are vegan, eco friendly and animal cruelty free!

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Weight 0.05 kg

20ml potion bottle, 50ml potion bottle, 200ml round glass, 300ml round glass

Add a label on it? (this will be at random!)

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1 review for No Waste Candles

  1. Joyce (verified owner)

    I love the candles that I got! I think they are still beautiful (even if they are from the no waste batch). And they smell just heavenly! I really recommend picking some up and letting Igniting Imagination surprise you!

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